“Years ago, we were invited to a picnic… We spent more time chatting with you and Sam then we did with the other folks.

We became friends with you… Subsequently, you and Sam were always on our guest list when we had functions at our house and we looked forward to the Das duo for delicious Indian appetizers. Mimi and Pampi became our friends as well.”

-Abdul & Shelly

“Gopal resides in my heart since my College days at B. E College. We are celebrating Gopal’s 75 years of joyful returns… His contribution In Materials Engineering is well known. He loves all of you at the core of his heart and he has expressed that to me so many times.”

– Ambika, Bharati, Monami & Satabdi

“Dear Gopal(da), Samhita, Aparna, Ishani,

We are extremely sad to hear the news… We are praying for all of you at this difficult time.

Here are some of the pictures when we were in Cleveland.  There are other pictures specially from Stuttgart, Germany in November 1976, when we had a great time together…”

– Babulalda, Debjani

“I remember attending your parents’ marriage as a kid with my father. Have pleasant memories of Barangar Jute Mills, Kolkata. After coming to USA i did not get a chance to meet him but we were in touch through email and Facebook.

Please do let us know if there is anything we can do to help. We love him and hope and pray for him.”

– Ballu Mama (and family)

“This is Dipakda from Florida. I am glad to reconnect with you. I have attached a few pictures as remembrance of the old times. Keep your chin up. The very best for you and everybody around you.”

– Dipak Basu, Merritt Is., FL

“Dear Gopalda,

… We like to wish HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY to you. We remember all the good times in Murray Hill and the time we enjoyed together with you, Babulalda, Debjani, Ashok and Mitu.

We remember your hospitality, especially your home cooked meals. We enjoyed our Rabindra Jayanti together, acting, singing and dancing. Not too long ago, we spent some time together with you and Samhita when our children went to MIT.

Though we haven’t seen each other for some time, you are in our mind and we miss the old days.

Wish you a Happy Birthday and we are praying for your health.

Our heartfelt love and Best Wishes to you, Samhita, Pampi and Ishani

Yours affectionately”

– Sujit and Gopa Kumar, Weston, MA, formerly Cleveland, OH

“Your parents have been part of our holiday gatherings (christmas, birthdays, memorial day cookouts, etc.) for the last 2-3 years. I love that your mother brought lyrics of Irish songs to sing at our music party and that Gopal sang traditional songs. There are videos of bits of the block party, and lots of my kids when a little younger. “

– Holly, Simsbury, CT

“Gopalda is very dear to us and our thoughts and prayers are with him and you all at this difficult time. We have such happy memories of the times we spent with him and your mom.


– Mamimashi and Arun Mesho

A final exchange with his niece >>

আমার শ্রদ্ধার ও ভালোবাসার মেজমামা,

তুমি আমার প্রণাম নিও।  মামীমাকে আমার প্রণাম জানিও।পম্পি মিমির জন্য রইল ভালোবাসা। তোমরা সবাই কেমন আছো? বিশেষ করে তোমার শরীর কেমন আছে?তোমার কাছে লিখতে গিয়ে ছোটোবেলার কথা মনে পড়। বিজয়ার পর তোমার আর বড়ো মামার কাছে চিঠি লিখতেই হবে মার কড়া নির্দেশ। তাছাড়া আরও ছোটোবেলায় তুমি এদেশে এলে সবাই মিলে একবার ভিক্টোরিয়া মেমোরিয়াল, সেন্ট জন্ ক্যাথিড্রাল চার্চ,গড়ের মাঠ বেড়াতে গেলাম। সেসব দিন গুলো ছবির মতো ছিলো।তোমাদের আমরা খুবই  miss করি মামা। মাঝে তো অনেক সময় বয়ে গেছে। যাক, তোমরা আমাদের মনে রয়েছো,থাকবে।

এখানে এখন আমরা ঘরে বন্দী হয়ে আছি। এই অবস্থা কবে কাটবে জানি না।

তোমরা ভালোথেকো। পম্পির লেখা fb তে পড়ি।কিছুটা বঝতে পারি। কিছুটাপারি না। তবে    fb যোগাযোগের একটা মাধ্যম হয়েছে।

মামীমা কি এখনো স্কুল করছে?

তোমরা ভালো থেকো। উত্তরদিও। সুস্থ থেকো।


– লুনা

I came home from hospital and resting peacefully in the care of Sam, Pampi, Mimi.Today in the morning Pampi in conjunction with Juli organized a teleconference when we chatted with Baby, juli, Tia and their children. It lasted about 1 hour we had a great time-reminiscing old times, some laughter and obviously some tears rolling from our eyes. You may look at it. We can do a similar thing with your family. I am fine and wish your family the very best.

The trip you talked about was preplanned

. I had so many other things I would have done with you but could not. Such is life.

– Mejomama

“We have been thinking about all of you and wanted to share this photo from 2016 – Mitali’s graduation party. So many instances come to mind- Gopalda making Labda for Durga Puja Friday dinner, Jhaal Muri for our summer picnics, intensely discussing his research over  tea at our house and coming over to our house to congratulate me for my teaching award…. The list goes on and on.”

– Sibani & Tapas

“My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to all Gopal’s family and closest friends. May you all strength in remembering the beautiful memories made together.

All my love,

– Kimberley Ullman, OH

“Will always fondly remember our wonderful days together in Palm Beach. Sending much love to you all ❤”

– Max and Anasuya, Jacksonville, FL

“Gopalda was a wonderful person indeed. I have very happy memories from the time when I saw him more often. May his soul rest in peace 🙏”

– Suchorita Chattopadhyay

“Pampi, my family is saddened to hear this news. Sending my love and virtual hugs to your mom, sister and you. I have fond memories of him.”

– Laura Motyl

“Your father is a hero and I enjoyed the times I met him, always with a smile…i love you and I am very sorry for your loss.”

– Parama Chattopadhyay

Dear Gopal,
This is Bonnie (Polster) Frawley.Although you & I haven’t been in direct contact, my Mom has kept me up on your whereabouts, family, career and now health. Pampi’s email is very positive so I want to reply with fondness and my memories from (gasp!) 50 years ago.I absolutely remember the first time you came to our house; I was maybe 10. I remember you were so smart and after a lot of cultural, intellectual, political talk with the adults you turned to me to make conversation, at my level. That was so nice and that’s probably why I remember. Then you always took an interest in my world whenever you visited with the fam. I think I met your brother once and I definitely remember when you brought Manu over after you got married. You laughed a lot; wheezy, loud laughs that were contagious. This may not be p.c. but several years ago I read the book The Namesake and couldn’t help but think of you.I’m guessing the last time I saw you I was in high school in the early 70s. Well, I’m 63 now, live in Marietta, GA, have 3 grown sons, a 2 ½ year old grandson and a granddaughter due in August. …Mom is doing great. We have a wonderful weekend planned in July for her 90th birthday at a state park close to her with lots of outdoor activities. All the grandkids and great-grandkids were coming but we just decided to cancel it. Even if Covid has been reigned in, she can’t be out & about and it’s likely many guests won’t want to fly. However, we will drive to Cleveland to be with her. She still drives or has up until confinement at her senior independent living apartment.
Every Florida trip she says is her last one but she can’t stand to miss out.I regret that it has taken disappointing news to connect with you but I’m glad to have the opportunity. It was nice of Pampi to reach out to bring you bright moments from the peeps of your life. My best to you & your family during this difficult time.Rest comfortably, my friend. The world is a better place for your presence.

– Bonnie Heart

I first met Gopal in July of 1961 at our BE College Hostel # E1.

We were all fresh students aspiring to be big time engineers and make our parents feel proud and erstwhile high school friends envious.

Gopal and I both stayed in the same unit of the 2nd. floor in two adjacent rooms with four other boys. The hostel itself housed 70+ students.

In the beginning we were all friendly but a bit apprehensive of each other.

In time we all started to exhibit our true colors and characters [shy introverts to fast talking impressionist to aggressive bullies].

Pretty soon we all found our own types and brands [Mech., Civil, Mett.,.etc.]. and comfortably settled in tight-knit hangout groups.

This is when we found Gopal to be unique amongst us. He was always calm and quiet; content and comfortable with any and all- a true Mr. Congeniality.

He would mostly stay busy with studies and daily chores, often humming in soft tones and always bear that patented smiley face.

While most of us had no clue what we would be doing after finishing college [if we do], Gopal had it all figured out the day he entered the college.

He talked about his elder brother an alumni of our college who went to USA, did his PHD in Metallurgy [same as his] there and was working for IBM that time.

It was clear to us that Gopal was going to follow his brother’s footstep and there’s no way he would deviate from that chosen path.

We lost contact after our graduation, but I know he did his PH.D as planned.

We last met in Boston, sometime in the mid-seventies, when he called me from nowhere and told me he would drop by my apartment in the evening for just a few hours. He wouldn’t stay the night since he had an appointment the next morning. It was the same Old Gopal, always busy, but again as friendly as ever! He heard I was living in Boston and got my number from a mutual friend and made it a point to meet me while visiting Boston.

Now I hear my old pal is terminally ill and under hospice care! I look at the attached photo of his and find the same Gopal that I met decades ago at the hostel, calm, composed, content and with that hidden smile.

I was searching for a picture of us together but couldn’t find any. I don’t know if he would recognize me now but attaching one photo anyway.

Buddy, We are now in the twilight years of our lives heading to the same final destination. But the old memories and friendships are still as live and refreshing as ever!

So my friend stay happy and keep that smile alive and know that you were always understood the way you really were- a happy camper.

With best of regards, and a Happy Journey forward!

– Baidyanath

Our deepest condolences. My memory goes back to February 1975 when I first met him. He was such a gentle person, always smiling and always with a kind word for everyone. I haven’t seen him at all during the last few decades, but the happy memory of my teenage years will stay with me always. May his soul rest in peace

– Suchorita

Always kind and showed such interest in how our children were doing. A special neighbor to us indeed. Gopal’s smile was contagious. We will keep our memories of Gopal in our heart.

– Amy Cournoyer, Simsbury, CT

We will miss Gopal but he will live in our hearts forever. The many moments that we shared together, we will always cherish. Songs that he sang and encouraged kids to sing cannot be forgotten. Please take care of yourselves and Sam.

– Ipsita

I had the privilege to know your father as a colleague at Pratt and had cherished many of his stories from Dacca where he grew up with his doctor father. Also had many interesting technical discussions and always appreciated his technical achievements as an expert electron microscopist and as a developer of a light weight blade material. …

It is too bad that at a time like this I cannot be present in person to pay my last respect. Please accept my heart felt condolences and prayers that his soul may rest in eternal bliss.

– Dilip Shah