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তুমিতো সুন্দর, ও কানাই, তোমার ভাঙা না |
ranslation: You are such a beauty, O Boatman, You cannot be broken.




Dr. Gopal Das, 75, succumbed to cancer on Sat Apr 11, 2020 at home in Simsbury with his wife of 45 years, Samhita, and children, Aparna and Ishani, by his side…

in Photos | Photography

Also, Gopal un(knowingly) was an amateur photographer – he developed his photos himself with the same meticulous attention he did for his microscopy slides


“He was a person of admiration for me with his soft personality. A man of diligence and honesty in whatever he did. A personal loss for me because I always knew that there was someone there for me if I was ever in need.

Thank you for touching his feet on behalf of us. May his soul rest in peace.”

[ SLIDES ] Remembering Gopal : Best Friend, Rocket Scientist, Alchemist: How he was mine

– Pampi, Apr 2020


“So many instances come to mind- Gopalda making Labda for Durga Puja Friday dinner, Jhaal Muri for our summer picnics, intensely discussing his research over tea at our house and coming over to our house to congratulate me for my teaching award… The list goes on and on.” …

Gopalda, cha banaben? – on care for community – Pampi

His own…

On his mother

“At the Burning Ghat I was thinking all the things that my mom used to do for us – never complaining. I wanted to ask her so many things but I never took the time to do it. Now that it is all over I would like to ask her – how did she manage to do all the chores without raising her voice? How did she manage to keep the family together particularly when we came to Kolkata after partition, how did she work with my grandma so that grandma would still feel that she was the leader of the family – same goes with my aunt – how did she work to fulfill my father’s numerous social activities … Now she is not here but if you look hard you would find the answers in her work. For those whose mothers are still alive, take the time to talk to them face-to-face and fill your heart with joy that you’ll reminisce in future when mom won’t be here for you.”

– Gopal in a letter to his children

[ RECORDING ] Testimony on Education by his Takuma (father’s mother), from hospital bed, not allowed visitors (even mum) due to covid, Mar 24, 2020

Scientific Contributions | Resume

Developed (LPT) gamma titanium aluminide – low pressure turbine blades
Used (3-D printing) additive manufacturing to fabricate (IN 718) – super alloy and optimized their properties

Researched reverse engineering to determine the metallurgical properties and specification of (M 250) maraging steel

Conducted transient liquid phase joining to bond single crystal to polycrystalline super alloys

Three patents and nine pending patents


70+ publications in metallurgical journals

Conference paper selected as Best of AeroMat 99 Session 1 in Cincinnati, OH in 1999: “Forming and Joining of Sheet Gamma TiAl” titanium aluminide

Professional Awards

ELCINA Electronic Industries Association of India “Past Award Winners” R+D to Super Semiconductor Pvt Ltd, Kolkata, 1984

Sandia National Laboratories’ R+D 100 Awards (often referred to as the “Oscars of Invention’ + “Nobel Prizes of Technology” and applied research

R+D World 100 Award Winners with Pratt & Whitney, Gamma-Met Titanium Aluminide Sheet, 2000

Professional Testimonials | Website

“Throughout his work Dr. Das has been at the frontiers of advanced materials fabrication. [He] has remained a modest person, never resting on his accomplishments. He will continue to make innovations at the highest levels.”

– Dr. Winston Soboyejo, International GammaTi & Titanium Alloy Expert | Provost Ad Interim of Mechanical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute


A few months have now passed and I still think about Gopal every day.

I spoke to him on the phone shortly before he died. Among other things, I told him about a publication I was working on. They were my “metallographic memoirs”. We also talked about his role in my scientific career. Unfortunately, when I finished the article, Gopal was no longer with us.

The only thing I could do was dedicate this work to him. I also intentionally submitted the work in a bilingual journal, as Gopal always mentioned his time in Germany in conversations and remembered a lot of words.

I am now sending you the finished article, which is dedicated to a person who meant a lot to me and whom I will never forget.”

– Prof., Dr. Helmut Clemens,
Lehrstuhl für Metallkunde und metallische Werkstoffe / Chair of Physical Metallurgy and Metallic Materials
Department Werkstoffwissenschaft / Department of Materials Science

Translations (Bengali-English) + Favorite texts

“I have a deep love for anything Bengali-especially Bengali literature, folklores, songs, dance, dramas, traditions, etc. including Ilish maach. At home, my parents routinely drilled us on all these aspects of culture so that we do not forget our roots.

… It gives me sheer joy, particularly when I can translate with my daughters who love Bengali culture. They do not gloss over but take keen interest in conveying the nuances. ” – Gopal, 2016

Tagore’s The World Has Gone Mad

Selections from Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s body of work

Mone Rekho – a final translation, Apr 2020
+ response poem by Pampi

Poems he kept close to him + recitation  (working)

Favorite songs + singing

Gopal singing (working)

Sraddha playlist (working)

Favorite songs to sing

Gopal waited till he was in his 70s to finally take singing lessons after a lifetime of singing and humming extemporaneously while he worked and cooked. It was a very rare day indeed when he did not sing.

“Stevie Wonder’s “You are the sunshine of my life” After a first two years of intense cultural shock and assimilation, this was the first English song that made sense: When I heard it for the first time, I could only think of my papa and how everyday he’d sing and cook for us.” – Pampi, Jun 2015


His perfect cooking is reflected in his perfect metallurgy – the same thoughtful, exacting, playful spirit behind these practices. One cup of cha tasted the same as a giant pot of cha for 50.

Cucumber Curry – light summer dish

Pumpkin flower fritters

To come: mustard okra, labra, and a couple of his every day freshwater fish dishes…

How  we


send  love

Honor him

Say a prayer, do something for your neighbor in his name

Plant a vegetable garden (with native flowers to help bees pollinate) + help your neighbor start one

Food Sovereignty, Permaculture + Edible Gardens – a realization

Long time coming 🌿many thanks to all the wise womxn and my papa who inspire me to get closer to the earth #decades …

– Pampi, May 2018

Poems gifted

He was a man of letters.  Poetry was the way he loved.  Many thanks for these poems.

Online Condolences

Please write in or upload a video at his obituary site.  If you wish to be reunited with his family, please email me.

Moving through Grief: Resources

Here are some articles that might help

Contributors of The Body Is not an Apology (femmes of color) produced some of the best work on grieving process 

2. Good grief: balancing radical self-love when mourning

3. A Buddhist Perspective on Grieving – Roshi Joan Halifax

Dancing with Grief

Here are some dances in his honor 

Tell us: who would we dance for if we could not dance for our papa?



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Native American Response Fund (featured in Teen Vogue)

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