Tending the heart garden


Openings beginnings initiations #dancebyinvitation #abunDANCE Sometimes making room for abundance to come is speaking your truth and allowing it to shine through all past toxic habits of curbing it with a learned respectability (protecting someone, what they might think of you after, making things better for them because you love them, fear of always walking alone). No. Sometimes you need more than one try. Sometimes you need more than one year to get it out. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to say the things you’ve been structurally sanctioned to self police from saying. Often it’s less about that one person but standing up for yourself after too many years. You get to confront point blank that they did you wrong, how it was their personal aggression leaning on systemic power that makes their betrayal feel that much more weighted, how because of this they get away with it. You get to sit with all this and stop yourself from smoothing it over. You get to confront their cruelty and learn from it so you do not allow it in your life again. (You get to understand how drawing lines does not mean you love them any less but is an act of loving yourself a little bit more.) Full stop. There can be no room for the fragility of saving face. Yours or theirs. #survivortales