In too many days


The most beautiful day in too many days
A day as gray and wet as they come
And yet you were the sun today as you often are
Truly resplendent

Shining warmth through all the clouds
We are standing bidding you fond farewells yet again
In full rains

I spy the swinging swirls of your beautiful dress
Absurd in all the wet
Somehow the hems escape fluttering
far from drenched
You float just out of reach of eddies of cold muddy water

The driver emerges
all of a sudden animated
Begins to load the car as a friend might
Even perhaps especially sensing
this is no ordinary congregation
All hues of brown all manner of femme

sacred and hallow
a celebration
Your friends older now bidding you laughing adieus
Pelted by drops becoming drenched
no matter
We had simply followed you out

Waiting on that sidewalk till we could no longer hear your mirthful laughter your brilliant smile
Witnessing upon your face an ease after so many years

I waited to see his smiling eyes disappear looking at all of us warmly through the rear view
A certain rightness in the world in that moment that extended peace even to his
Knowing we stood there for you
Not wanting you to go
For this opening in the universe to end

My dearest friend
Don’t you know?
You’d arrived in all our lives!
And for that we are immensely fortunate



Testimonials on particular piece

“I love this one. This line in particular felt legendary:

This is no ordinary congregation

You… Us

All hues of brown all manner of femme

sacred and hallow

a celebration”