ICA’s Forum on Institutional Responsibility – #whatisaidatQnA #decolonizeourmuseums #tillerasure

Museums say they make no money
leaning heavily on individual donors
Then WHY
when communities protest harmful work
can they not apologize?
What is the motivation behind such benevolence?
#decolonizeourmuseums #whatisaidatQnA #tillerasure
I feel some kind of way about the word literacy
In my view visual literacy can be embodied as lived experience
Who then are visually illiterate?
Why are they illiterate when they have access to every kind of knowledge?
Because through institutional sanction of supremacy myths – say… Museums – they can choose to remain so
#decolonizeourmuseums #whatisaidatQnA #tillerasure
We cannot make change from the inside without protest
Protest and direct action is how we have any chance at institutional change (at Museums)
If we have any civil rights it is because people fought and continue to fight for them
#decolonizeourmuseums #whatisaidatQnA #tillerasure